Your favorite digital&analog limiter? eq? stereo expande

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by covenant66, May 5, 2006.

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    What is your favorite digital (plug-in) version and analog version for each of these (for mastering):



    Stereo Expansion




    Also, does anyone find the UAD-1 Precision Limiter to be better than Waves L2?
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    Re: Your favorite digital&analog limiter? eq? stereo exp

    Ok, I will be the first.

    I really like the UAD PL for a lot of music type that I did recently. Sometimes, I switch to L2 which I find it a little more tight but again, really depends on the material and which serves best the mix. I would not say better (PL) but I use it more often for the reasons mentioned above.

    I like the Weiss EQ (EQ-1 MKII) and dig the Massive on the analog side.

    For me, the best stereo expansion without its side effects is a well balanced eq choice settings, thats what serves me best. I use once in a while the MS mode on the Weiss eq when needed.

    Compression side, again really depends on the material, I have 3 outboard, no preferences, really depends on the source material. On the plugin side, I do not use any compression plugs, imo, it just does not cut the gig.

    I use reverb very very rarely and when need it, I used the Waves stuff.

    Dither; I did several tests and participated to some blind tests about dither types and brand and honestly, I do not hear major differences, there are some but very subtle comparing to eq settings and compression.
    I mostly use POW-r #2,3 and TPDF.


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    Re: Your favorite digital&analog limiter? eq? stereo exp

    Limiter -- Almost always analog - Several to choose from, but the one I've been using more than most (lately) is a modified Aphex Systems 722 Dominator II. Digital - UAD's Precision Limiter, no question.

    EQ -- Believe it or not, probably almost a tie between analog and digital - Crane Song's Ibis EQ (analog) or UAD's Precision EQ (digital).

    Stereo Expansion -- Almost never. But if I have to, I split into a M/S matrix manually (normally in digital) and go from there. Any M/S expansion type plug I've ever used is far too destructive by itself.

    Compression -- Almost always analog again - Crane Song's STC-8M, Manley's Variable Mu are out in front here. I *might* use a plug as a mult now and then - UAD's LA2A is great for that. But for "everyday" use, I still haven't found a plug that I'm "feeling" like a nice analog piece.

    Reverb -- Rare. Samplitude's native "room simulator" convolution thing comes in handy here and there. I have no (true) analog verbs - Digital rack units, sure. But nothing that sounds better than the Samp stuff, and nothing as tweakable as UAD's DreamVerb.

    Dither -- Pow-r III is probably the "default" if I'm not being picky about it. Lavry's dither is great, Crane Song's is great, Apogee's UV22 (hardware) is great... Depends on the mood.

    UAD vs. L -- I'd almost rather clip the converters than use the "L" series limiters (yes, I like the UAD limiter better). I suppose there's some "prejudice" and "bias" in that statement, but I really do like the UAD better.

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