What cd-burners support 1x?


I want to put together a pc to use as a daw and I was reading the specs on some cd burners. None of them seemed to support 1x! Most didn't even support 2x either. Have I missunderstood or is there only some units that can still do this??


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Jun 29, 2001
I have a creative 12X10X32 that the software which is Nero 5.0 has the 1X setting so I suppose all is well here.

Funny thing, In this biz, speed is important...I cannot remember having tried the 1X setting!

It has been noted by more than one mastering engineer that with the power of todays computers, the differences in burn quality at different speeds is moot.

Perhaps when I get the time I can really check this out and report the results.

FWIW, 1/2X burning has been advertised and seemed to be novel idea...but it has been a long while since I have seen that being mentioned. Everyone I have talked to does not seem to know about it...as that was a feature introduced 12 years ago...at the dawn of CDR.


Ok.. thanks for the reply.

I just asumed it was still a bit better at 1x since I saw it beeing mentioned a couple of times, but I didn't investigate alot...

My guess is that something like 4x with high quality discs should be cool :)

Do you think its ok to burn off your master at say..16x? It just "seems" wrong... What speed setting do you use?


Likewise ... Useing a Yamaha CDR 1000 .. burns only at 1X
It also has the option of kicking in the Appogee UV22.
This unit has never ceased to amaze me at the depth it imparts
to any type of material.


I'd just add that one of the reasons for burning at 1X is that certain mastering systems allow you to patch in digital outboard equipment which you can route the signal through as you are burning. You can also listen to your master as it burns. Whether this is important depends upon your working methodology.

I'd add that the newer IDE Plextors also give you the option of 1X burning (but not 2X or 8X in the case of the newest 24X drive)




I can second Brad's recommendation for Plextor. My all new Plextor 1610 (16x10x40) do x1 (but no x2), the drive is the smoothest I've got yet.


I join the choir: I've got a Plextor 820 (scsi) that turns them Kodak discs out perfectly all the time, it works well at 8x, I only burn final production masters at 1x.

Ben :c:


"The only way to tell which media/burner combo will yield the best results is to burn different combinations and have them checked by someone with an error checker (any plant and most high end mastering houses). This will tell you the amount of correctable and uncorrectable errors as well as your BLER."

Well... thats what I hoped you had done for me :)

Just kidding, thanks a bunch for your suggestions guys. Plextor seems the way to go!