Trying to make a connection

Tony C

I'm not sure but I think I've heard some things about this unit here, anyway, I was considering checking out the Entech 245.2 D/A converter box ,however, it only works from a SPDIF or TOSLINK connection. So, I can’t quite figure out how to configure my system in finding the best way out of the box and into the Entech. My system is running at 96k from a MOTU 1296/Mac which only has AES dig. out (I don’t use any other digital devices so I’m using the internal clock on the 1296). The only thing I’ve thought of so far is getting an Aardbark AES to SPDIF adapter and simply making a cable connection. Does anyone know if its that simple, or are there other issues I should be concerned about. Thanks

Tony C

Thanks Brad,
Yea, the converter box sounds like the safe bet all right, I did notice an AES to TOSLINK box on the Hosa site but nothing for around 100.00 on the Aardvark site (I'll give them a call). However there is an AES to SPDIF (XLR to rca jack) adapter thingy for around 70.00 made by Aardvark at Sweetwaters. Do you think that might be the "real world" thing you were describing? :confused: Thanks again

Tony C

Your right, your right..... the box it is, it's just a few bucks more anyway. It would be silly to not do what you're recommending. Thanks for all the good info. ;)



I´m new to this forum....
I have read all the posts I could find so far in the Mastering forum, and find you guys really informative!!!

I have a question that is related to this topic...
I have a RME Hammerfall and RME converters connected via standard toslink. I also do alot of Adat transfers from one PC to the other...

My vendor told me that sometimes a toslink signal does suffer because the Adat jack is not yet standardized. He sold me some Adat cables that had a spring kind of tip that seemed to make a difference towards better stereo image and clarity. Although that difference was really subtle I wanted to do a research on the net, in order to find more information, where the quality differences do actually lie whith Toslink connections... but I couldn´t find any!! Maybe you guys in this superb forum do have more knowledge on this subject.


Tony C

I know it's been a while since I've posted this but I'm in a bit of a quandary once again.
If Masterman of anyone can help point me in a good direction that would be great.
I am running an Entech 425.2 DA (S/PDIF in only) from my MOTU 1296 AES/EBU out via Hosa AES>S/PDIF powered transformer as was recommended to try (posted above). Needless to say it has worked really well except for a strange 2 to 5 minutes of snap crackle pop, then, it works flawlessly for however long I'm working.
The reason I waited so long to post back with this was that I figured I'd get better (and shorter) cables to see if the problem would be solved... I just did, but, it hasn't.
Any thoughts? Thanks again for the previous help on this. :confused:


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Apr 20, 2002
my buddy Dave Collins has had an offer on the table for years that no one has been able to claim - $500 to anyone who can hear the diff between two data-identical files.

What???? You mean people still care how things sound? Incredible!!