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  1. TOPIC: Mackie and Soundscape Enter New Agreement !!

    Joint Press Release NAB Las Vegas 2001 25th April 2001

    Mackie and Soundscape Enter New Agreement

    Mackie Designs Inc. (NASDAQ:MKIE) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Soundscape Digital Technology Ltd., a U.K. company, under which Soundscape will continue to distribute products developed by Sydec N.V. of Belgium under the Soundscape brand name. Sydec, a leading developer of advanced digital audio technology products, was acquired by Mackie on April 3, 2001.

    Soundscape, has distributed products such as the award winning 32 track R.Ed. Digital Audio Workstation and the recently introduced mixpanderä PCI card, for the past eight years and is well known as one of the world's leading providers of professional Digital Audio Recording Equipment.

    "This is a win-win agreement for both companies. As the new owner of Sydec, Mackie benefits from having the continued support of Soundscape's experienced team marketing the Soundscape line of products. And Soundscape benefits because it will continue to have the talented Sydec engineering group working hard to meet its requirements for advanced digital audio technology," said Jamie Engen, President and CEO of Mackie Designs.

    Chris Wright, Technical Director of Soundscape, added, "This new agreement ensures that our established and expanding customer base will have continued access to the finest digital technology available today combined with unparalleled Soundscape customer service and support. We look forward to a continued close working relationship with Sydec and Mackie."

    Mackie Designs is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of professional audio equipment. The Company sells audio mixers, mixer systems, power amplifiers, and professional loudspeakers. For more information, visit or

    For Further Information Contact.

    Soundscape Digital Technology Limited Unit A1, Caxton Place. Cardiff United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)2920 540333 Fax:+44 (0)2920 540332
    Contact: Nick Owen Commercial Director Email:

    Soundscape Digital Technology Inc. Tel: 1 805 658 7375 email:
    Contact: Ken Dewar VP Marketing

    Mackie Designs Inc.
    Contract William A. Garrard, CFO
    Michelle Jacob, Investor Relations
  2. michael b

    michael b Guest

    To Joel,
    "there will be a press release on Monday, that I will post here along with my personnel views on it to help give a better perspective"

    I look forward to hearing your personal views as this press statement doesn't say anything more than we already knew, i.e Mackie have bought Sydec.
    Specifically, what does this mean with regards to Soundscape's future marketing strategies? Will Soundscape now benefit from Mackie's marketing expertise or will Mackie be developing their own product range, in direct competition to Soundscape?
    Also, will this deal enhance the pace of technical development and the ability to develop and sustain partnerships with third party software developers?
    After several months of negotiations behind closed doors this press statement expresses little more than a line or two of ambiguously worded superficiality. The question still remains. What specifically is the new relationship between Mackie and Soundscape?
    Is Soundscape now better equipped to market it's product competitively? Or does Mackie now loom as a potential new competitor? After all, they have the technology.
    With regards R&D, how will Sydec's resources be spread given that presumably they will also be developing DSP technology for Mackie products?
    Look forward to your reply.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Michael b Those are some very good questions!

    To put it in simple terms, the agreement allows Soundscape and Sydec to work together as it always has, really! the R&D will continue as it has been in the past, for our product line.

    As far as 'marketing" is concerned it is to early to tell, so I honestly can not give you an answer on it.

    My views are this:
    The future for Soundscape is well huge I cannot think of any other term for it. The consumers,(you) have been giving an incredibly strong response to us. With Mackie owning Sydec it is only going to benefit those who own or will own a Soundscape Product. In ways that only the future will reveal. Soundscape has gotten stronger over the last couple of months and the pattern shows that it will continue in that direction. As a user I would be very exited as what may be appearing in our product line, and what may be there for you as a current owner of a R.Ed. unit. (plug ins :D) The future, and you will hear me say this allot, is honestly HUGE. I feel confident that over the next few months you will see what I am saying here, and maybe that will help ease your concerns.
    hey, it is a wonderful day in LA! not many would believe that! :D

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