The Sound


okay, im very new to this, with little experience, i have tried mic's with the guitar amp, very crappy sound, now using boss gt-8 for guitar with the digital out, i have cubase sx3, along with a m-audio delta 66 and mackie 1604 <<very nice clean sound =)

i am asking for opinions from you on the first 3 songs on this myspace page

the first smile was done souly with t-racks, and ozone izotope

2nd and 3rd was using t-racks again and bbe sonic maximizer

i am slowly getting better at this as u can tell from the sound of the mixes,

its all about e.q right? lol

so im asking for advice on what i could do to improve the overall sound, i want everything to sit nicely and clear.

hope to hear sum replies XD



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Jun 18, 2005
Before you start even CONSIDERING about mastering your mixdown, please work on your mixing skills, add a second guitar and pan one left, and the other hard right, Then bring the snare up, add some 40Hz to the kick for the punch and take down the mids then bring up your 6-8kHz for the click sound and yeah ur mix might be better only THEN can you worry about mastering!


thanks man, i will take a note, and do that in the next mix down, its hard to get a decent guitar sound, limited equipment at the moment,

thanks again for the reply, ive only been doing this for the past month