the recording of Muse's absolution


i am in first year music production at university and im doing a heavily weighted research assignment on the studio recording of Muse's new album Ablsolution which i myself think is a fairly kick ass album. does anyone know of any good sites concerning the recording and production techniques of this album. thanks


Don't know of any site but man....that's one really great album. Amazing sound!!! I know there are a few video clips from the studio sessions on their official site. http://


There was a fairly comprehensive article on Absolution in "Audio Technology Magazine" here in Australia. Some interesting nuggets on Rich Costey's techniques. That magazine seems to trade articles with SOS in the UK, so maybe head over to their site to see if it's online yet.
I really like that album alot, although with the vocal path predominantly vocals/C12/Neve1073/ and then distorting the $*^t out of the result, this isn't a technique I could use every day.


i have a dvd that shows muse recording absolution. its really informative. shows alot of great techniques they used. the dvd came with the cd. i think i bought the import.



There was an article in the Sound on Sound magazine in Dec 2003 where they spoke to Rich Costey about how he recorded/produced the Absolution album, 1 thing I do remember was that he used a speaker from a Yamaha NS10 as a dynamic microphone and strapped it to the kick drum.

hope this helps