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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by unsaint32, May 30, 2006.

  1. unsaint32

    unsaint32 Guest

    I was studying about recording room acoustics. Can anyone help me with the following questions?

    1) I read that I can reposition my speakers, while playing a commerical music, to find a speaker position with
    the most smooth response. Does it mean "smooth frequency response?" What do I actually try to hear while I
    reposition the speakers to find this "smooth response?"

    2) I read "mounting the speakers on solid stands makes quite a difference, and hi-fi stands that you can fill
    with dry sand also work well." Do I have to actually physically “mount” the monitor on a stand, like with

    3) And does anyone know how to make the stand or who sell them?

    thanks in advance
  2. k31

    k31 Guest

    Sorry, unsaint, but I'm a bit confused. Do you mean in the control room or out in the studio proper for playback to the customers?
    In the control room we have two sets of speakers. Two 12x sets mounted in the diagonal walls facing the engineer at the apex and two nearfield monitors that are also aimed at the engineers chair. The nearfields are a dead flat EQ. The in-wall monitors 12x we also have eq'd for being dead flat and we switch back and forth during the mixdown. The large playback speakers out in the studio are set up for optimum EQ on both ends of the spectrum. We use those to impress the folks, but the real deal is in the control room speakers.
    If the nearfileds are what you're talking about you should use a Real Time Analyzer to determine that the nearfilds are truly dead flat with nothing enhanced.
    Out in the studio the speakers should be capable of producing thumping lows and clean, airy highs.
    Some monitors actually have the bottom sleeved and threaded to accept a mic stand. You can stand those speakers on the floor in front of you for mixing, but we prefer having them fixed at the console so that nothing changes once they're balanced.
    Somehow I think you mean something else?

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