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Discussion in 'Computing' started by xirin6, Aug 16, 2001.

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    I was wondering ,or the money, if the soundscape plug-ins were noticeably different from plugins for logic which if I understand will work well as a interface for SSHDR-1? I own two SSHDR-1 units and was looking into the mixspander dsp for my units but was interested in finding out the difference in the plug in quality between the soundscape and logic plugins. I am running a hardware reverb unit ( Quantec Yardstick ) at present because I have been not very impressed by the software plugin reverbs I have seen so far. Would the addition of the mixpander card make a difference in the preformance of the plugins? Should I just stick with hardware or make the plunge?

    kevin kelley
  2. Scaper

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    Hi Kevin,

    I am afraid logic cannot be used as a front end for SS yet. I tested an early Beta version of Logic 4 that implemented this and it looked as if it could be very powerful but it was actually a lot harder to fully implement than logic realised due to the architecture of logic (there was nothing wrong with the dll that SS provided to Emagic as far as I am aware).

    Now I think Emagic have other priorities so it's hard to say 'when' if 'ever' this will be completed.

    By the way, the Logic front end implementation would NOT have allowed you to use logic plugs/DX plugs on SS tracks anyway. However, it did allow you to access all functions of SS plugs from within the logic mixer.

    So your options are:

    1) Buy SS plugs
    2) Use a mixpander along side your SS and stream tracks in and out of LOgic to the FX in realtime and then back into SS, delaying tracks in SS (before they are streamed) in order to compensate for the latency. A bit of a pain but it does work quite well.

    All the best

    Sydec/Soundscape Betatester.

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