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    Thank you Fredrik, Suart_Brewster, for some very good responses and points. Fredrik your list is already in due process.
    SonOfSmawg I hear you and understand your point as ever,,,Wolfgang is not going to stop hammering certain points until it is laid out, in front of him. Not that I blame him, nor dislike him for it. I am Sure Wolfgang is an intelligent and good Engineer.
    I have no hard feelings (even after a few direct insults) BUT in the long run he is just like the rest of use trying to accomplish the goals set out in front of him, with that being said....

    Lets take this back a few steps and explore a little bit about, how Soundscape works.
    This way we can eliminate the miss understanding, that Wolfgang here wishes to present to you, as a “downfall or con”
    First and foremost, Soundscape is truly independent of the computer, ONLY using the computer as a GUI. Absolutely NO audio goes thru the PC, Period. The connection between the PC and the R.Ed. unit is purely for control purposes only. All audio processing is done in R.Ed (includingplug-ins mixers, editing,,,, Note: Mixpander deals with this issue the same way more on it later) everything having to do with the audio never leaves the R.Ed. and goes to the PC, (with exception to the Mixpander via a 512 ch TDM cable,,,again we will get to this later) unless you tell R.Ed. to export files to the PC. Now with that said it is agreed to say that no audio flows up the control cable to the PC? Correct? smile.gif OK

    Now we may address the Bus issue between 2 or more units on one PC. To help simplify this issue I will be ignoring the Recording and Editing features since they do not apply here, I will concentrate only on the mixer that is with R.Ed. Since Soundscape is totally self-contained, in the way it processes audio, the easiest way to “visualize” this, would be to imagine 2 analog consoles side by side. Now can you with out patching, route channel 1 of console1 to bus 8 of console 2? No you cannot, Why? As we all know, there is no common connection between the 2 consoles that ties them together, making it impossible to tie the routing together. Right? Same way with Soundscape, since there is no audio coming into the PC, how would you expect the Software to route, what it does not have? NOW, here is were it gets good! smile.gif With the development of Mixpander we have gained that common ground!( among many great other things) Mixpander is tied to a R.Ed (or SSHDR1) unit via a 512 channel TDM cable, Like wise Mixpanders connection to the PC is via a PCI slot. Do you see it? Since there is audio traveling across that 512Ch TDM cable to the Mixpander in a PCI slot, we have a way to control bus routing across multiple units, by Software rather then hard-wired patching. Because audio now can be passed between 2 Mixpanders on the PCI bus.
    This was stated in the first reply, it is still in progress, and moving quickly. How ever it is worth noting that a vast majority of Soundscape users with more then one unit, (prior to Mixpander) has not allowed this to get in the way of their creative or productive work flows, it is a minor issue when compared to the big picture. Although be it, it has been addressed.

    The complaint about having to purchase a Mixpander per unit is mute when you add in the benefits it creates and the cost of 2 R.Ed/32’s and 2 Mixpander9’s are still less then a full blown PT system, with a gain of far more power (way to much to list here) and the ability to run allplug-insat 24/96khz through out the entire signal chain.

    Again Wolfgang, you made a statement aboutplug-ins did you not read my statement

    Here you are screaming PT is standard, and you must be compatible, again, Tell me if this is true, why then Wolfgang have I seen you post multiple times that you still have a Soundscape for compatibility issues?

    Let me remind you, that you are posting on a English speaking forum, but if German is your prefered langauge then, this may help.

    Ich möchte ein paar Schritte zurückgehen, und ein wenig erläutern wie Soundscape wirklich funktioniert.

    Auf diesem Wege können wir alle Mißverständnisse, sowie dargestellte Nachteile aus dem Weg räumen.

    Erstens, Soundscape ist vom Computer vollkommen abhängig. Der Computer wird nur als GUI benutzt. Absolut KEIN Ton geht durch den PC. Die Verbindung zwischen dem PC und der R.Ed Einheit ist nur zur Kontrolle da. Alle Ton-Verarbeitungen finden in der R.Ed Einheit statt (eingeschlossenplug-ins Mixers, Editing... Anmerkung: Mixpander arbeitet in der selben Weise) Alles, was mit dem Ton zu tun hat bleibt immer im R.Ed (bis auf den Mixpander, der mit einem 512ch TDM Kabel angeschlossen wird, mehr dazu später) Man kann bei Belieben aber auch Ton von der Einheit in den Computer importieren. So, damit ist festgelegt, dass kein Ton durch das Kabel in den PC kommt. Korrekt? OK

    Jetzt werden wir den Bus zwischen zwei oder mehr Einheiten an einem PC erläutern. Um diesen Prozess zu vereinfachen, werde ich das Aufnehmen und Verändern weglassen, da die hier nicht von Interesse sind. Ich werde mich nur auf den Mixer konzentrieren, das heisst, mit dem R.Ed. Da Soundscape in der Tonverarbeitung volkommen selbstständig ist, ist es am einfachsten sich zwei analoge Konsolen vorzustellen. Nun, kann man einfach so Kanal 1 von Konsole 1 zu Bus 8 auf Konsole 2 leiten, ohne direktes Kabel? Nein, das geht nicht. Warum? Wie wir alle wissen, gibt es keine Verbindung zwischen beiden Konsolen. Daher ist es unmöglich Ton einfach weiterzuleiten wohin man möchte. Richtig? Das selbe gilt für Soundscape. Man kann keinen Ton im PC weiterleiten, weil es von dem Gerät überhaupt keinen erhält. Jetzt, hier kommt die gute Neuigkeit! Mit der Entwicklung des Mixpander haben wir dieses Ziel erreicht. (mit anderen guten Eigenschaften). Mixpander ist mit einem R.Ed (oder SSHDR1) durch ein 512Kanal TDM Kabel verbunden. Gleicherweise geschieht die Verbindung von Mixpander mit dem PC durch einen PCI slot. Verstehen Sie? Da jetzt Ton durch das 512Kanal Kabel zu dem Mixpander im PCI Slot kommt, haben wir die Möglichkeit Bus-Zuleitungen über sämtliche Einheiten zu erstellen; mit Software, anstatt Kabeln. Das ist, weil der Ton kann ja zwischen mehreren Mixpandern ausgetauscht werden, die in mehreren PCI Busen installiert sind.

    Dies wurde in der ersten Rücksprache addressiert. Es ist noch in Bewegung, und zwar schnell. Wie auch immer, es ist wichtig zu sagen, dass es den meissten Benutzern mit mehr als einem Soundscape Gerät (vor der Entwicklung des Mixpanders) nicht in den Weg gekommen ist. Es ist eine kleine Nebensache wenn man es mit dem Grossen und Ganzen vergleicht. Aber es wurde ja jetzt angesprochen.
    Die Beschwerde über die Notwendigkeit des Kaufes von jeweils zwei Mixpandern pro Gerät ist hinfällig wenn sie die wirklichen Vorteile in Betracht ziehen. Der Preis von 2 R.Ed/32’s und 2 Mixpander9’s ist immer noch weniger als ein volles PT System. Wobei sie hier viel mehr Leistung (zu viel um sie hier zu beschreiben) erhalten. Sie haben die Möglichkeit alleplug-insmit 24/96kHz durch die gesammte Signal Kette zu betreiben.

    Des weiteren, Wolfgang, haben sie eine Anmerkung über dieplug-insgemacht. Haben sie mein vorheriges Schreiben nicht gelesen?

    Sie schreien dass PT Standard ist, und dass man wieder kompatibel sein muss. Sagen Sie mir bitte ob das wahr ist, denn ich habe Sie oft gesehen wie sie geschrieben haben, dass sie immer noch Soundscape haben aus Kompatibilitäts Gründen.

    Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass ich meinen Standpunkt klar gemacht habe, mit den anderen Fällen die sie aufgebracht haben.

    Frohe Weihnachten,
    und ich wünsche Ihnen, und allen anderen sowohl, ein wirklich gutes Neues Jahr !

    Every one have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

    Joel Gette
    Soundscape Digital

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  2. Hello Joel
    It`s nothing personnel against you I`m just used to get always the same kind of answers from SS : Never a direct answer to my direct question . Maybe you could be different . Just say yes or no: Is it right now ( cause that was promised me again 3 years ago ) possible to connect 2 REDs together with all the buses without the need of a external mixer , so you can mix inside the RED ?
    You should know now what my teacher said : Don`t buy what you need now, but it`s promised later .

    Yes this feature is in the next software release / it will come soon / the beta tester already have it / we are testing it and it looks good ... all this I heard the last 3 years and nothing ( besides automation ) is here right now . So please don`t tell what will be tell me what IS .

    And I´m still using a SSHDR cause SS is incompatible to PT and not vice versa .

    And, sorry about that, but your reaction on the MAC threat shows me that you must be a very frustrated person if you can laugh about very tiny problems when big problems surrounds you . Are the SS sales that bad in America ?

    Regards Wolfgang

    SRS Mastering

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    Sep 5, 2000
    I would like to second audiokid's request that you take only a couple points at a time. This will suffice to keep the scrolling to a minimum, and might get more accomplished in terms of reaching common ground on each point.
    Maybe you could use a different thread to discuss each set of points. For example, hard drive compatibility issues could be covered in one thread, busing issues in another, etc.

    BTW, I'm loving this discussion! Uh oh, there's the bell, I better get out of the way...
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    I thought I answered that question as plain as possible earlier, but yes it is possible to Use 2 R.Eds and mix with out a external mixer.
    As far as our record on Software releases as you know Wolfgang by just looking at our download page,,,we average every 2-3 months a new release with more features, a new release of the R.Ed/SSHDR1 software is available today!
    As far as us sales are concerned, we are doing very well, so no, a I am not frustrated smile.gif ( I would like a clue as to "what big problems surround me??")
    Now before we go and make another attack at each other,,, On what Soundscape has done wrong to you over the years or what Soundscape does not " appear" to have in its corner yet.
    Lets find some common ground to work on here OK. Why did you buy Soundscape in the first place? What attracted you to us?
    knowing this will help me and others to see the deference in fact verses personal preference and give us a common ground to explore, Soundscape today.

    BTW: that was a grin not a laugh! smile.gif
    Best regards

    Joel Gette
    Soundscape Digital
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    Hi all!
    Wolfgang, my teacher told me: Don't give your judgement too fast.
    Maybe there's a simple misunderstanding that led to your frustration with Soundscape (especially since English isn't your native langauge).
    Anyway I think we have VERY different experiences with Soundscape. Just check out my wishlist in an earlier posting, and compare it to the new features, in the new software update, that is now available for FREE downloading! Fast and excellent work from a DAW-manufacturer that seems to care about their users.
    I love this company!

    I agree that postings would benefit if they were a bit shorter, and handled one or two topics at a time. It might be hard to follow if you're not familiar with Soundscape. Well, it's a bit much even if you're familiar with it.
    Very interesting though.
    Joel, Can you write in Swedish too? smile.gif

  6. Fredrik

    Fredrik Guest

    Wow, now I've got 'em smilies working too!

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    Hi. I've been considering getting a Soundscape R.Ed system rather than a PT based system. Can anyone tell me what the plug-in situation is currently? I presume that much fewer plugins are available for R.Ed than PT?

    Also, I generally place all of the noisy components in my personal DAW in a separate room from my main recording room. However, I keep a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and other control pads in my soundproof room for use when I'm recording. The mixer and some outboard effects stay in there with me as well. Is this easy to setup with R.Ed (i.e., is it easy to control R.Ed from another room just using the keyboard, mouse, and monitor, or do you need to be next to the R.Ed components at all times?)

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    Hello Fizzwig,
    To answer your first Q:
    The currentplug-insare as follows:

    Wave Mechanics reverb
    Audio tool Box
    Cedar De-Hiss & De-click
    Aphex Aural Exciter Type III
    Aphex Big Bottom Pro
    Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder
    TC Reverb
    TC Dynamizer (Master X)
    Arboretum Systems Hyperprism
    Apogee Mastertools UV22
    Others are already announced or in various stages of development or discussion

    Your second question concerning whether or not if it is easy to set up in a "machine room", Yes very easy actually. The only limitation here is the the R.Ed unit itself can not be far from the computer (Due to the control cable) other then that, if you want it in the attic,,go for it!

    Hope that answers your questions. Any other questions on your mind? (if there are please create another topic for it)

    Best Regards

    Joel Gette
    Soundscape Digital

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    Sep 5, 2000
    I would like to urge anyone posting a new question or topic to create a new thread.
    This can be done by first pressing the "Post New Topic" button, then filling in all the appropriate fields including the body of the message, and finally pressing the "Submit New Topic" button.

    Thank you,

    Angelo Quaglia
    AQ Productions

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