right "audio image"


how do you get the right audio image with your mix. what i need to know is how i can get the mix to become a so called image. with the bass drum, snare drum and singer in the middle, and the guitars and bass on my left and right side. ive tried panning and when i mix down it all squishes in the middle and i get a mono audio image where everything is in the middle. what can i do program wise or micing wise with do get this image.


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Sep 26, 2005
You have obviously miss wired something?? If you put something in the left Channel, it should stay in the left Channel. If you put something in the right Channel, it should stay in the right Channel. If you are mixing too much center information in, turn it down. If your car runs out of gas, walk to a gas station. If your dog turns into skin and bones, feed your dog. If your mother screams " TURN IT DOWN!". Turn it down. If I tell you to send me $50. Send me $50.

Thank you very much.
Ms. Remy Ann David


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Feb 9, 2005
Yes...this sounds more like user error rather than something that could be solved by a program or technique.

If you pan something left, it should come out of your left speaker. When you mix down to stereo, it should still come out of your left speaker.

Could it be that you are applying stereo effects to a sound that is panned to one side? If so, the result would be that the sound will come out of both speakers slapping it back into the middle of your mix.

You may want to try a very simple test. Take just two tracks. Pan one hard right, and the other hard left. Mix them down and listen back. If they are playing back mono, then you must be doing something wrong OR whatever you are using is seriously FUBAR'd.