Recording strings to tape or digital


I have found on a number of CDs where orchestra
was recorded digitally and mixed to digital
a metallic coloration discernible in the strings in contrast to older recordings recorded to analog and remastered digitally.

Interested in thoughts on this.
Also: what mics are recommended for recording
violin, viola and cello, mid range price and
high end.

Ted Kent

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
Budget or high end?
Top > B & K´s (DPA´s), Schoeps, Neumans.

Budget > At4050, C414, Sm81.

I have been producing some classical cameratas stuff/horn bands here in the south of Brazil using average priced microphones and mic pres, into a Pt mix/02R with very nice results.

lorenzo gerace

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Jan 27, 2002
Same here

I agree on the mic choices too; I'd go to digital, due to better headroom and less noise ( @ 24 BITS)in quieter passages, never had any issue with metallic coloration of strings, if the converters are good (Apogee, RME, and the likes) the sound is nice and clear. Strings and classicla are my primary gig, and my setup is digital from start to finish (BTW, it wouldn't be convenient to carry a 24 track 2" at all of the remote gigs I do :D ).

Hope this helps