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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Rick Greenly, Feb 12, 2001.

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    Sep 10, 2000
    First of all, I want to welcome you to the site. I gather from your post that you're going to be 'hanging-out' with us.
    That's GREAT!
    I think you're missing the point of NUENDO needing a moderator here. If you look around here, you'll see that many companies are represented. In the near future, you will see that many more companies will be included and represented. The fact is that this site allows people to see what's going-on with most of the major DAW manufacturers, so that they have an on-going idea of what's happening with the entire industry, without having to go to all of the individual sites on a regular basis. Since this was your first post, I'm sure you are not aware of the fact that the Nuendo forum has been completely dormant for a month, due to the lack of Nuendo representation. This is not hurting US, it's hurting Nuendo!
    We have been in existence since Sept 2000
    and have been steadily growing, however, things are starting to snowball here. We've
    gained over 100 members in the last WEEK!
    Due to the open, unbiased, professional nature of this forum, people are coming, and staying. We have MAJOR, award-winning producers and engineers here, we have world- class musicians, and we have very deep discussions about the future of Digital Audio Recording and DAWs. This is NOT your typical manufacturer's BB!
    Nuendo is missing the boat by not being envolved, and leaving themselves out in the cold(forgive my cliches). If you can't moderate the Nuendo forum here, maybe you could find someone at Nuendo who will. Nuendo has missed-out for the last month on being a subject being discussed by hundreds of industry professionals worldwide. In the near future, there will be thousands, and TENS of thousands of us here. I'm rather bewildered that Nuendo has not yet seen the value of being represented on RO...

    And as far as an 'objective' moderator,
    that's not an issue. We're not here to have the petty little bitch sessions that go-on in manufacturers' BBs. As a matter of fact, when people come in here and get negative, we put them in their place, and ask them to quit their pissing and moaning and get-on with being helpful and constructive. We don't need 'babysitters' in here. **** that.
    We need moderators who will keep things on-topic, and provide product-specific information when there is a dispute or inaccuracy.
    Ok, so the moderator is biased to his product...GREAT. If he wants to factually point-out why his product is better than another...GREAT! That's what this site is all about!
    Your company wants to buy advertising space all over the site...GREAT...but that doesn't mean that you get any preferential treatment in the posts. That would defeat the whole purpose of this sites' leaders, and it won't happen. WE CANNOT BE BOUGH!

    As far as 'duplicated efforts', again, you
    have missed the point. In the Nuendo forums,
    you are only dealing with people who come into that site. Here, people who may not have otherwise taken interest in Nuendo may BECOME interested. More industry professionals will learn more about your products on a regular, ongoing basis.
    Anyway, let me climb down off of my soapbox...
    I'm truly glad that you've joined us here,
    and I hope that you find this site personally useful. We'll be looking forward to hanging with you!

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