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Problems With Samson G Track USB Microphone

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Manners1994, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Manners1994

    Manners1994 Active Member

    Dec 4, 2012
    Hello there. I initially saw reviews and video samples online of the Samson G Track and it seemed to work ideally for what I needed.
    But I got it today and I have to say I am a bit disheartened.

    The sound is extremely distorted with a lot of white noise. I tried fiddling around with it a bit such as lowering it to 0HZ on the Microphone settings but to no avail.

    The Microphone has worked great with a lot of other people judging by User Posts Online. Not Studio Quality of Course but still decent enough to pass off.

    I am on Windows 7. What could the problem possibly be? I am really greatful for any helpful answers. Thankyou :D
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    Well let's first straighten out some of your nomenclature usage? Firstly, this is a piece of low-end budget equipment. Perfectly fine and perfectly adequate and actually professional. It's just a cheap professional low-end condenser microphone. So it is professional.

    Your description includes no information. You're telling us that hurts but not telling us where? You've made no mention of software. You've made no mention of your computer. You've given no indicator on whether your computer already has some kind of cheap built-in microphone and sound card that you may find it is defaulting to? Yes you'd be disenchanted by that sound.

    Turning your microphone down to 0 Hz is a non sequitur. You either turn the microphone down or its frequency response is screwed delivering nothing more than 0 Hz? Which would indicate it's broke and doesn't work at all. And then you say nothing happens when you turn it down? So it doesn't go away? Which would mean you're not listening actually to that microphone at all? But then which mixer applet were you using? The one built into Windows or a special one that was included with the microphone? And if utilizing the Microsoft mixer, that might only be applicable to the built-in onboard computers sound card and not your USB microphone? That microphone has to be selected within software and/or within the operating system and/or have the original computers sound card disabled in the bios? So there could be three elements of mistakes being made here and perhaps even more?

    Where and how are you monitoring this microphone from? Do you have a pair of headphones plugged directly into the microphone? Or are your headphones plugged into your computer? This would indicate you're not actually monitoring the right device at all? And instead are monitoring the built-in computer microphone? And monitoring it through the built-in computer audio gizmo? And you can't monitor that microphone from the other audio gizmo but only from the microphone itself since it includes a built-in USB audio interface that just happens to be also combined with that body of the microphone. So this is about five or six stages of operator error going on here.

    So please include some further information about what audio software you are using, whose mixer applet you are using, where you have your headphones plugged into and/or monitor speakers? Being able to troubleshoot audio problems without a full roster of information makes it virtually impossible to help you. It's like asking us what's wrong with your car? I would have no idea? You have a car? Would be my first question.

    Toss back another Pint for me
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. preston

    preston Active Member

    Jan 5, 2020
    seems like a good idea to ask you the same thing... I have the g-track pro also and im using an asus 1080p monitor with DT-770 studio headphones plugged into it im recording using AMD'S relive screenrecording myself is 320p mp3 to a separate audio track then I drop both the video/audio and mic/audio into sony vegas and bounce it in 32 bit wav to izotope rx7 to clean it up before heading back to vegas one last time then over to LANDR mastering. if I actually had the full version of rx7 I would not need to go back to vegas a 2nd time but I need to in order to stitch the pieces together that means it leaves rx7 as a 320mp3 again due to me recording it not exporting it lol. So that sucks but still should be able to sound better than im achieving. its just for yt and Spotify. in the end I upload it in 44 wav 16 bit and keep a 32 bit wav master copy. my computer is custom build and not entirely sure whats in it I did not build it but it has AMD everything in it thats why I use relive to record. ive noticed the mic is low volume and so I use the option on relive to boost volume on high. usually that used to wreck it badly but now it makes it loud enough to hear thats it. strange. ive got the mic volume on the body turned to almost maximum on top of the high boost setting and I think all the other volume controls sit at about 50%-%70% and monitor volume is at 50%. the microphone cardioid lever has 3 positions and I think the middle one sounds best. on the left side it says FIG 8 and on the right side it says OMNI and like I said I prefer it in the middle position whatever that means. on the back of the mic it says monitor and I randomly flip it on and off unsure what it does. using windows 10. im just looking for obvious mistakes im making perhaps and some quick/easy tips to try out. i'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the mic its brand new and appears in mint shape. feels sturdy and better than the blue yeti.
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