Noise only when playing electric guitar, while recording

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Unregistered, Jan 17, 2012.

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    I recently bought a shure sm57 to record my electric guitar amp. Problem is, while I am recording AND playing (so there's sound coming from the amp) there's a bzzzz when I playback what I recorded. When I stop playing (still recording) there's no buzz.
    Also, when I record my own voice, there's no buzz at all.

    My setup is like this: Electric Guitar (Fender strat) > Amp (Vox vt100) > Mic (Shure sm57) > Mixing panel (Behringer xenyx 502) > PC

    What could be causing this noise? :(
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    This is probably an overload at some point in your recording chain. Is the buzz the same at all settings of the GAIN control for the mic channel (not the LEVEL control) on the Xenyx 502? How are you feeding the Xeynx 502 into the PC? Can you post a sample on SoundCloud so we can hear what you mean by a "buzz"?
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    "Microphonics." It is caused by the interaction of the guitar pickups, the instrument cable, and the amp. The buzz is probably present anytime the guitar is connected to the amp and turned up. Sometimes this can change for better or worse depending on movement of the guitar/cable. Are you taking a direct feed from the amp as well?
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    (oops, did a double post here)
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    Test by Stef van Wijchen on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Here's the sample.

    The buzz is the same at all settings of the GAIN control, and i'm feeding the Xeynx 502 into the pc from the MAIN OUT L thingy, directly into my recording input hole thing.
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    This is something even I've come across. One common reason is your guitar itself. I'm no expert with guitar electronics, but sometimes I get the feeling that there's some component in my electric that isn't properly earthed. Try touching - yes, touching - the metallic parts of your guitar and see if there's a decrease in the noise/buzz.

    If there is, then what I said holds. Try checking the amp grounding. Also try unplugging and re-plugging the guitar.

    And btw, I have almost the same amp, a VT15 :) Try using the inbuilt noise suppressor: bypass the effects, hold down the [TAP] button and turn the [EDIT] knob clockwise. When done, re-engage the effects if required. This works for me almost all the time.

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