Mastering House for 1/2inch Tape?


Hello all,
Does anyone know of a studio that can mix and master tracks I have recorded on 1/2 inch tape. I do not want to have to take my machine to the studio with me. I would like to find a place equiped with an 8 track 1/2 inch tape machine so I can just carry the reels with me. I'm in Atlanta, but would consider shipping the tape if I need to.



Robert -

I am an independent engineer and do my work in several studios here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At least one of those studios has the machine you need (I'm pretty sure - I have a call in to him to find out for sure).

If you can give me some specifics as to tape speed, type of noise reduction (if used), etc. I will find out what his machine is capable of. You can e-mail me directly at

I also do mastering as well. Would love to talk with you about your project.

joe lambert

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Oct 17, 2001
Is your stereo mix on the 8 track tape? I have rented 8 track machines for projects before. It's no problem to find them here.

Joe Lambert


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Feb 12, 2001
Try Elixir Recording in Athens GA. The last time I was there they had a Tascam 80-8 in the control room. Otho Wilburn or Peter are the engineers. They're both quite good. The studio email is