James Taylor on playing and technique: exclusive video for Guitarist magazine

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by audiokid, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Fun video with Jame Taylor. The mic looks like a Mojave. Beautiful sounding guitar.

    [GALLERY=media, 471]James Taylor on playing and technique: exclusive video for Guitarist magazine - YouTube by audiokid posted Sep 12, 2017 at 7:25 PM[/GALLERY]
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    Cool vid. I always kinda took for granted how good he actually is at guitar. I was a little punk rocker in the mid 90's, and always wrote him off as 'adult contemporary'. It's fun to listen to music with new perspective, since then music is etched in time, and the listener is the one evolving.

    It's cool to see someone who's been so successful still have a fire and something their perusing musically, like his bass switching thing. Also interesting is his thoughts on vocals.

    In edition one of "behind the glass" a great book by Howard Massey, the engineer outlines how they did one of James Taylor's albums in a rented house out on Martha's Vineyard, thru a Yamaha board (01v?) and not much else gear wise. They might have even used the onboard pres, I'd forget now.

    This is refreshing to see a true lifelong artist. He has that insatiabilty that so many artists have in common. Very cool.

    Haven't heard the Mojave in person yet, but I've not heard it sound bad in any recordings. That does look like one. They seem pretty honest with a little touch of magic in them. Probably one of the highest value (performance vs cost) LDCs out there.

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