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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kurt Foster, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Geoff Emerick was one of several magic men. A wizard with audio - and even more so because he turned his technical knowledge into an art form; in terms of being so very musical in his engineering chops.
    He was - along with George Martin and Ken Scott - also an incredible innovator. He, and others like him from that era, were responsible pushing the envelopes, and for kicking down the doors that were previously locked to their form of “artistic” engineering.
    Things like :
    Direct mic’ing kick and snare drums....
    Pushing preamps - both solid state and valve - to hotter levels, and recording above 0db on tape machines, to hit the “sweet spot”...
    Adding more low end to mixes; which was actually a no-no at some studios during that time...
    Working with envelope filtering, tape loops, flanging, doubling (Emerick’s EMI colleague invented the “ADT” box, (automatic double tracking)...
    People like Les Paul got the ball rolling, and cats like Emerick and Scott, Bill Putnam at UA, Larry Levine at Goldstar, Eddie Kramer, Alan Parsons, Glenn Snoddy, and other pioneers in audio production continued the discovery, the constant quest for “the next thing”. They broke the rules, jumped the hurdles, unlocked ( and sometimes even kicked open) the doors that studio executives (“suits”) had locked against anything but the “traditional” methods of recording - AND they invented new audio gear - gear that would become “standard” in use and methods in recording studios. Their contributions continue to be in use to this day.
    RIP Good Sir.
    Thank you for the magic.
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    One of the greats, who left an amazing body of work for the world to enjoy for years to come.
  5. Davedog

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    One of my heroes.....Just today in honor of him I dug out some older recordings I made and brought them up to speed in PT 10. Then just for fun I'm only using the Abbey Road collection on everything!

    RIP Geoff. The use of the "White Elephants" as a bass mic on Rain and Paperback Writer blew everyone's minds throughout the industry.

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