Dumping ADATS - Go to DAW or Hard Disk

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Wayne Butler, Jul 4, 2001.

  1. Wayne Butler

    Wayne Butler Guest

    I have lots of outboard gear and don't want to stop using all of it. Great River, VMP-2, Cranesong, Lexicon, RNC's, etc. Have a 24 channel Mackie that could stay or go.
    I would like to record either DAW or computer. Problem is, after reading 'till my eyes bleed, I'm not much closer than I was. Need 24 to 32 channels of digital with use ofplug-ins editing, and etc.

    Was considering Digi001. Great editing from reading RAP and RO, but not strong for recording. There's also this war about Mac vs PC.

    Maybe, analog desk outs thru AD's, lightpipe to hard drive? :confused:



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