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Discussion in 'Computing' started by schwa, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. schwa

    schwa Guest

    Hey folks, just found this site, a question for "those in the know".

    I have been watching with interest the DM-24 mixer. It looks like a significant step forward, but i am wondering if my proposed scerario is possible/realistic.

    I am looking to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes to digital recording. When tracking and mixing, I want to sit at a desk, with knobs and faders. When I am editing, I want to look at a nice big screen, and control sequencing for my MIDI gear.

    In my mind's eye I see a DM-24, MOTU 2408, a Lexi reverb (connected to a SPDIF on the DM-24) and a PC with 24 channels of TDIF connections to the mixer. I could fly tracks through the mixer, taking advantage of automation and built in effects, and read and write all the tracks to the PC.

    Is there a seqencer that will "talk" to the DM-24 effectively, at least as far as transport, automation data and levels go. I am currently using SONAR, but would change in a second if there was a product with better DM-24/MMC support.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I would expect so--I use a a modest Tascam TM-D 1000 to control Soundscape R.Ed and Mixtreme.
  3. subspace

    subspace Guest

    Heh, your describing the set-up I'm assembling currently. I use a MOTU 2408 and 1224 on a G3/450 with the bundled AudioDesk software. This week, I added a Lexicon Nuverb on an 8100, interfaced over AES/EBU to the 1224. The DM-24 is the piece i'm waiting to hear.
    This is the info I've gathered on it:
    -The first 16 channels can be fed by the analog ins or TDIF returns. 17-24 are fed by the TDIF returns only. These will be fed by the 2408's 3 TDIF outputs. Channels 25-32 are effects returns and can't be fed from the TDIF returns. They also omit the expander/gate found on the first 24 channels, but do have EQ and compression.
    -The first 16 TDIF returns can be monitored inline on aux 1-2 while using the channels for analog inputs.
    -The first 16 channels and 8 buses can all be sent to the 3 TDIF outputs. These will interface to the 2408's 3 TDIF inputs.
    -The optional adat card will feature an adat sync output. This will plug into the adat sync input on the 2408's PCI-324 card, providing transport control and sample accurate sync between the DM-24's onboard automation and MOTU's software. I don't know if other software can implement the 2408's adat sync connection...
    -There will only be one MIDI fader layer. So you get 16 continuous controllers to assign to your DAW plus the 8 knobs. This appears to be the current shortcoming of the board, as being able to page through multiple MIDI fader layers would make the board much more powerful.
    -It will pass MMC commands and MTC to any sequencer.
    I hope this helps for now. All the Tascam guys are at NAMM right now, so you may get an official answer when they return. We may get a look at the new black/silver color scheme as used on the SX-1, watch the Tascam page and BBS...
  4. Jace Nuzback

    Jace Nuzback Guest

    Hello from Summer NAMM everyone!
    Your concept was right on the money but I wanted to clear up a few errors in your description of the DM-24.
    CH 17-24 can ALSO be used as mic/line inputs OR tape returns. In a standard tracking environment I would probably leave them setup as tape returns. In fact the recording snapshot I've put in ROM on the DM-24 does just that.
    Also, only the first 16 channels have expander/gates available. You can however move your tracks around in groups of 8 so the tracks that need the gates can be assigned to the channels that have them.
    Everything else was correct. Nice post!
    I've been talking to quite a few people that plan on doing the same thing with DAWs. Some using the Hammerfall card, others using the 2408II. It makes a lot of sense. With the DM-24 priced at $2995 I think this idea is really going to catch on.
    Jace :D
  5. schwa

    schwa Guest

    Thanks all for your replies, but back to the question:

    Is there a preferred (software) package that will communicate effectively with the DM-24? I did see the words regarding Digital Performer, but I'm on a PC, and by the time I add a configure a Mac, and the software, I could have almost paid for one of those nifty tascam 24 track decks.
  6. Jace Nuzback

    Jace Nuzback Guest

    Any DAW application should work well with the DM-24 as far as MMC goes. Track arming, transport control, etc. There will be no specific MIDI maps that allow more control for a specific application. If possible we will attempt to add more MIDI control features, but there may be a limit as to what the architecture of the DM-24 will allow. Either way this is something that will come in a future version of firmware after it's release. We'll do our best to make the DM-24 the best it can be.
  7. schwa

    schwa Guest

    Thanks for the reply Jace, but I am nervous about the thought of spending $3k on something that "should work". I do know that SOMAR currently does not accept MMC (though it does transmit), so for the time being that will not work. I was hoping for some input based on real testing experience. Perhaps I will need to spend an afternoon at the local mixermart once they ship.
  8. Jace Nuzback

    Jace Nuzback Guest

    SONAR and Cakewalk have continued to have problems with MMC for some time now. From what I've heard they think they have a fix for this. This is obviously a hot topic with
    our US-428. We have a beta version of their studio panel that we'll be testing. If it works this should solve your problem as well.
    You might post this qustion of the other DAW forums. I don't know of any problems of this nature with Cubase or Logic.
  9. schwa

    schwa Guest

    Thanks again Jace, this is helpful. I was hoping that by contacting the vendor for information, I can buy with more confidence. I was told by the presenter at a SONAR seminar, that they were "working on something" and they should be announcing something in about a month (this as a few weeks ago), I will look into Cubase, but I have some time, it's not something I need to run out and do tomorrow.

    I am very interested the DM-24, but I want to make sure it will provide the solution I am looking for. Perhaps I need to try an put it through its paces once they ship.

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