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Discussion in 'Computing' started by JimB, Jan 3, 2019.

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    I'm looking to connect 1 pair of speakers (Event 20/20) to a Yamaha MG10/2 mixing console so I can use these speakers as monitors for 2 different computers (not simultaneously). 1 computer has 1/4" outs via the audio interface & on the other computer I can only output through the 1/ 8" headphone port which is why I figure I can do this with the mixer.

    Can anyone suggest how I can go about accomplishing this (what connectors/cables would I need, etc)??.........Thanx~!
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    The best thing is to put the first 1/4'' computer to one of the stereo inputs 7/8 and buy a 1/8'' st to RCA cable for the second computer and connect it to the other stereo input 9/10.
    The 1/8'' output of most computers are amplified output for headphone.. Expect some electronic noise with this one...

    Another good idea would be to use the same interface for both computer since you are not going to use them at the same time... (get a better sound and better latency..)
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    Marco (pcrecord) is spot on for cabling to your mixer, which would deal with the level control and mixing of the two sources. You would send the mixer output to the XLR inputs on the Events if they are the active type, or to the inputs of the power amplifier if the speakers are the passive type.

    You need to be a bit more specific about the actual model of the Event 20/20, as there were several versions over the years. Some were passive (i.e. needed an external power amplifier), and the others were active (had internal power amplifiers). Even some of the active models had different types of inputs.

    If you happen to have the 20/20 active model that has both XLR and RCA inputs, it's worth testing to see whether these two inputs are mixed internally. The document that passes for a user manual on this model of 20/20 makes no mention of it. If it does mix, it would be possible to connect both your computers, since you only output from one computer at a time.

    Connecting up this way would avoid having to use your mixer at all for this purpose, but you would still need to equalise the levels of the two sources, probably by adjusting the output level from your audio interface. The downside of this method is that you would get the sum of the background noise from both computers at all times, which would be most noticeable when using the XLR inputs. Your required cables would be a pair of TRS-XLR(M) and a stereo 1/8" plug to 2x RCA connectors.
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    Thanx guys for the answers. I had thought it would be more complicated than the way you both explained, which is why I posted the question. I can't wait to try the suggestions when I come off the road in a few days.

    I'm not sure of the actual model of my Events, I'll have to check when I get home, but I believe they're active. I do remember they connect w/ two 1/4" on the main (the main has on/off switch) & on the other spkr the connector is wired.

    Thanx again for the tips~!

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