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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by mjatas, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. mjatas

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    I am looking to buy new speakers for DJ'ing, I know JBL are the best to buy, but what model is best? I need best base so I don't need sub woofer.

    I need at least 1000 watts for each speaker
  2. pr0gr4m

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    JBL SRX738
  3. MadMax

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    I think you kinda' need to narrow this down a bit first...

    How many people do you want to be able to provide sound for?
    How big of a room do you want to fill?
    How loud do you want/need to get?
    How big of a truck do you have/can afford?
    Can you build your own cases/cables?
    What's your existing X-Over?
    New amps? or using existing?>Brand(s)?

    Is this a ground-up build or are you augmenting an existing set-up with racks and stacks?

    At 1000 watts, it doesn't sound like you really want a big rig, but look over the list above and I'll try to throw a few ideas back.

    As far as LF drivers, I think you'll find that there just ain't no substitute for subs.

    Lastly, IMHO there are a LOT better boxes than JBL... Macpherson, EAW, and Martin just to start. Community's stuff I think is a better bang for the buck than the JBL... YMMV.

  4. mjatas

    mjatas Guest

    thanks bud more info below.

    How many people do you want to be able to provide sound for? up to 400 people
    How big of a room do you want to fill? I don't know depends. up to 4000 square ft. I guess.
    How loud do you want/need to get? At least 1000 watts. each speakers
    How big of a truck do you have/can afford? well I own a Chevy Cavalier (4 door sedan at the moment) so I need small speakers like 28" high and 19" wide/depth (Max size for each speaker)
    Can you build your own cases/cables? no. (maybe if I had a diagram or such - I am good with my hands)
    What's your existing X-Over? I have no idea.
    New amps? or using existing?>Brand(s)? I have new one. Alto MAC 2.4 (5000W MAX power)
    Budget? well I am willing to spend max $1500 (Canadian dollars) on 2 good speakers (+ taxes)

    I have customized speakers already 850W each 2 speakers, but I want to be able to show customers that I have brand name speakers too, plus I need speakers for backup as well. My speakers I have at the present time has amazing bass to them I don't need sub woofer unless I need extreme bass (which is usually for clubbing).
  5. MadMax

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    Mar 18, 2001
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    OK, this may not be what you wanna' here, but the start of reality as I see it.

    One rule of thumb I'm used to seeing is on the order of 10 watts/person. Thus 400 people... 4000 watts.

    To safely operate your cabinets, they should be able to handle between 10 & 50% more power than you have.. 4500 to 6000 watts power handling in your cabs. Of course the power handling is going to be directly tied to your cabinet efficiency. Additionally, you need to consider your coverage angle's.

    OK, that's your basic full range system specs.

    Subs take a HUGE amount of energy... about a .5:1 up to 1:1 power ratio. e.g. 4000 watts on mains is anywhere from 2000-4000 watts on subs.

    1000 watts isn't a valid answer on how loud you want to get. Think about it... 1000W in a typical livingroom vs. 1000 W in a 20,000 seet arena. When we take a rig out, we need to know the desired range of loudness the client expects. If the client only wants 92db in a small/medium sized club (4000 sq feet or so), we may only have to drag out 20,000 watts and 8 tops and 4 subs. But if they want 102db in a big arena, it might take 60 arena sized boxes flown, 16 subs and 60,000 watts or more! I mean, do you want some thump, or do you want some serious kickass drivin' tunes? Maybe I've addressed your comment by example... dunno.

    I really don't see you putting racks, stacks, cables and tables in a car. A small trailer BEHIND the car, sure... otherwise you're really just talking about wedding receptions and small parties... which is where you evidently already are and want to move up.

    If it were me, I'd look at something like 8 EAW JFX560's and 2 SBX220's or 8 Macpherson M2B and 4 MS18's... but your budget's a tad short I'm afraid.

    As far as the ALTO... no clue so I won't comment other than to say, Crown, Crest or QSC. That's what the big boys use... for a reason.

  6. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    i own a mobile dj company - we send all of our dj's out with mackie srm450s. great sound, compact, amplified, and loud. and just about $700 per speaker, right inside your budget.
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