Sir Dingo

I'm tracking most of my overdubs through an Avalon 737 direct to a Tascam DA-38 digital multitrack. I'm extremely pleased with the sound of the Avalon on nearly everything, but the DA-38 sounds "harsh" to my ears, like almost "too clean". I also mixdown through an 8000 digital console. Although I'd like to invest in a RADAR 24, I haven't yet won the lotto, so it could be a while before I get the RADAR.

SO, in the meantime, would there be any benefit to me buying an analog 2-track, like a Studer A810, and tracking through the Avalon direct to the Studer, then copying the Studer track to the DA-38??

Just wondering if anyone's doing this and can forsee any major problems (Sync/Timecode, etc)?



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Feb 16, 2001
For a similar tonal effect, get a Fatso. That's what I use to my Tascam DA88/38. Also, get a better A to D converter like a Lucid or Apogee.

To kill two birds with one stone, get the Crane Song HEDD. Tape saturation effects with stellar A to D conversion in one box.